Making a new start Together

It’s the moment to call for our team spirit and to learn from the great kitchen and service brigades where excellence is always a team work.

We all want to make a new start: resume the projects we interrupted, correct what we were doing wrong, perfect what we’ve been doing right.

If there’s a thing that this moment taught us is that we can’t make it alone.

For that reason, we want to learn from the restaurants’ brigades where great results are achieved only when everybody does his part, giving his best.

One of the aspects which we always been excited for, while shooting the great Italian and international hospitality business, is the community spirit, the team work. Most of the times, we put the spotlight on great individuals – Chefs – who are rightfully considered the crown jewel in this field.

We should not forget, however, that great hospitality business is also a field where success depends mostly from the ability of a team to work in harmony in order to allow us to have extraordinary, memorable culinary experiences.

At the same time, it’s only through unity that we believe we may be able to find resources, ideas and solutions to re-boost catering and hospitality business in Italy and in the world.

Since we truly believe that only together we can make a new start, these photographs are a tribute to team work and a wish for a brand-new start for everyone.

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