Press review of the month

To start 2021 with good omen, we are proud to be present with a portfolio of ours in the Gambero Rosso and Italia Squisita. 

Gambero Rosso  and Italia Squisita, respectively for the last issue of 2020 and for he first recipe book of 2021, published our pictures which we hope may be a tribute to the value and importance of catering and hospitality business, an industry we respect and cherish a lot.

Gambero Rosso published our group portraits’ gallery which we decided to name “Ripartire Insieme” – making a new start together – which you can also find here, among our web site’s stories. With that portfolio, we wanted to pay tribute to the great kitchen brigades and to team work, a value which we consider fundamental in this historical moment.
Italia Squisita on the other hand, published our food still lives in “Originale & Gourmet”, its first recipe book where 50 Italian Chefs interpret the culinary tradition starting from the original recipe and exploring new territory of taste.

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