Il Bicchiere d’Argento

A new book with the photos by Brambilla Serrani.

Brambilla Serrani shoot the images of “Il Bicchiere d’Argento. Cocktail.” the new book just published by Editoriale Domus for the series Il Cucchiaio d’Argento.

The volume is dedicated to the evolution of mixology starting from the main spirits and liquors and their supply chain, it illustrates the techniques and the indispensable tools for the bartender and presents 75 iconic cocktails, curated by Bruno Vanzan, between tradition and innovation.

Le images of Brambilla Serrani celebrate the iconic beauty of the cocktails’ set up, evoking the variety of tastes and sensations and recalling the Roaring Twenties’ mood in perfect Art Deco style.

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