Aperitivo in Milan

Cocktails are made all over the world, but the aperitivo is an institution only in Milan: our view on the art of drinking in our city.

From Camparino Zucca, the Milanese bar born at the beginning of the XX century where ice was brought from a horse carriage, to the Milano da bere of the Eighties, passing through Expo 2015 and thinking about the 2022 Olympics: the aperitivo is a ritual which is part of Milan’s history.

In our opinion, the culture of good drinking has constantly grown and today – right in the city of fashion – we care more about the quality of ingredient and less about the trend of the hour.

That’s the reason why, in recent years, our portfolio has been enriching by the creations of the most talented and passionate bartenders: we shot the most unusual cocktails and the great classics, we narrated the aperitivo ritual held in historical hotels and in the most experimental venues.

For sure, a classic, as Italo Calvino said for books, “Never ceases to tell what it has to tell”, that’s why a finely done traditional cocktail will always be timeless.

(Are you curious to know mixes and original ingredients of the classic cocktails? We suggest to read “The Savoy Cocktail Book”, considered the Bible of the classic mixology.)

To us, also thanks to our Clients, discovering new path in tasting is always an unparalleled experience from which we never back down.

Each photographic encounter was so precious, not only because “shooting liquids” as we say in jargon, it is a fascinating technical challenge, but also because in doing that we came close to extraordinary people and places, some of them we want to share here with you.

Finally, do you want to know which is our favorite cocktail right now?

No doubts, it’s gin tonic.

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