Video and photo shoots.
We shoot any kind of subject based on Client’s needs: our professional experience encompasses still life, portrait, reportage, interiors and advertising.
We are able to provide our Client with the entire photo or video production cycle in any technical aspect required, with a dedicated team on set.
On Client’s request, we are also able to provide styling services and home economist.


Visual communication strategy and pre-production.
It’s the preliminary work which is fundamental to create the desired visual image. We develop our visual strategies tailor-made for each Client, carefully considering target, tone of voice, communication touch points and media planning.
The work encompasses the debriefing and analysis of Client’s communication objectives, the location’s assessment with site visit, the styling evaluation, the props’ research, selection and preparation, the production planning and timing for the best outcome of the photo or video shoot.


Post Production.
It includes the strategic consulting in selecting the best shots in order to respond to Client’s communication objectives, the most accurate and calibrated post production intervention on selected images and the material delivery.
For video shoots, our work encompasses the footage selection, the most advanced editing and post-production according to Client’s requirements, with the ability to meet, with the best results, even the most challenging timing.