About us

Brambilla Serrani was founded in 2007 after photographers Francesca Brambilla and Serena Serrani met in Milan and decided to join forces.
Since their very first meeting, they’ve been sharing a common view of photography where their unique vision and professional integrity are staples for their work. Their strong partnership was built on the integration of their individual skills, benefiting from different backgrounds and it has been developed into an iron professional relationship where one’s profile enhances the other, in a dialectic approach that continuously fine tunes their technique and creative sensibility.

Francesca Brambilla, born and raised in Milan, studied at Istituto Europeo di Design (I.E.D), majoring in photography.

Her mentor was Joseph Edward Rozzo, American photographer, director and teacher from whom she learned not only the technique but also the emotional value behind the creation of an image.

Her love for photography was born, indeed, in a very instinctive manner as a direct consequence of her way of being. Outgoing, passionate and enthusiast, Francesca’s first instinct is to reach out, creating a dialogue made of empathy, sharing, human caring and professional attention.

Her first work experience was in fine jewelry and accessories shootings, thanks to that, she begun fine tuning her technique, cultivating an eye for detail.
Seemingly far from her personality, the rational and reasoned world of still life photography was, nevertheless, the most stimulating territory for her creativity and talent. Shooting an object is not an obstacle to the emotional dialogue she put at the roots of her profession “Behind the objects – says Francesca – there will always be the soul of the objects’ maker”, listening to those objects and knowing their history is, for that, an even more stimulating challenge.

After having shot for interiors and lifestyle magazines, Francesca approached food photography, starting a collaboration with the publishing house Food Editori. She became director of the photo department, managing all the group magazines and also being kitchen coordinator.

Her human and professional skills made her, indeed, the ideal person to coordinate the different roles which revolves around the creation of the food image.

That’s how her special approach to photography was born, making her one of the most important interpreters of still life in Italy: an approach which is, at the same time, technically refined and deeply instinctive, developed around the study of natural light and its effect on the subject, on the predilection of a single source of light even in studio, a sort of “dry” light which is able to enhance the subjects and their textures.

Serena Serrani, born and raised in Ancona, studied Communication Sciences at Università Politecnica delle Marche where she got her degree in Philosophy of Language with a thesis on photographic language.

Reflective and acute observer, Serena has always had a passion for cinema and photography, considering them so much akin to her sensibility to attend a Master in Performing Arts Photography, coordinated by Silvia Lelli.

An apparent antinomy, the one between photography and theatre art, which represents to Serena one of the biggest challenges: being able to tell, through a single shot, the action’s flow, the movement, the narration.

Encompassing a story in a shot means comprehending its deep sense, knowing the narrative time, finding a connection to the director, the performers and the script in order to arrive to such a synthesis.

But on stage, everything is in motion and most of all, light is.

“On stage – says Serena – the light itself is part of the narration and it varies as the story does. The photographer cannot choose the light, but just be able to capture it.”

The technique helps reaching this objective, the philosophical studies do the rest of the job: there’s no vision without thinking.

The beginning of Serena’s professional path is deeply influenced by Silvia Lelli and Roberto Masotti, from whom she learned the basics to approach and portray the multifaceted world of live theater. Theatrical photography is a field in which she developed a unique talent: right where everything is unrepeatable and the unexpected is a constant, where the light changes according to the story, Serena is perfectly comfortable.

While refining her skills at theatre, she developed a strong interest in post-production technique and fine art printing, achieving remarkable expertise thanks to her cooperation with Laboratorio Colore 2.

Her special relationship and professional success in the world of performing arts and culture does not stop: it has been marked by a decade long cooperation with director Serena Sinigaglia and Compagnia Teatrale Atir, highlighted by the Hystrio Occhi di Scena Award, received by Serena as best theatrical photographer.

In 2006, Francesca and Serena met, together they started an intense professional career, shooting advertising campaigns, reportages, brand image and editorial project for prominent Italian magazines.

They established Brambilla Serrani as one of the most distinguished interpreters of food photography in Italy, defining the visual identity of the finest restaurants and the most prominent food companies. They have also been curating the visual image of more than 70 books with leading European publishing houses such as Flammarion, Rizzoli, Mondadori, Giunti, Feltrinelli.

Since 2009, they are the official photographers of the International Chefs’ congress Identità Golose contributing to the affirmation of it as one of the most acclaimed food events in the world and covering the Milan, London, New York, Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles’ editions.

At the same time, they’ve been expressing themselves in reportages and in a wide gallery of portraits of creative people such as chefs, managers, entrepreneurs, intellectuals and show-biz personalities.

Both of them, since 2008, have also been teaching at the Course of Advanced Education in Photography at “Istituto Europeo di Design (I.E.D.)”  in Milan.

Exhibitions and Awards

2006 / Serena Serrani “Human Work, European Photographic Exhibition” group road-show in various Italian cities.
2007 / Serena Serrani Hypegallery, collective exhibition. Milan, Italy.
2008 / Francesca Brambilla Personal Exhibition “Mani in pasta”, Taste Firenze. Florence, Italy.
2010 / Brambilla Serrani “Porto Cervo Food Festival”, group show. Porto Cervo, Italy.
2012 / Serena Serrani Winner of “Hystrio Occhi di Scena” award as best Performing Arts Photographer in Milan.
2013/ Brambilla Serrani Collective exhibition “EatArt”, Spazio San Giorgio. Bologna, Italy.
2014/ Brambilla Serrani Collective exhibition “Parlando con voi”, Storia di Trenta Fotografe italiane MIA Art Fair. Milan, Italy.
2016/ Brambilla Serrani Solo exhibition “Solo in un gesto”, Kitchen Milano. Milan, Italy.
2017/ Brambilla Serrani Winner 1st place “The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action” at Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2017.
2017/ Brambilla Serrani Collective Exhibition “Parlando con voi. Italian Photographers 1965-2015” Triennale. Milano, Italy.
2018/ Brambilla Serrani Finalists at “Event Photography Awards 2018”, Behind the Scene and Food & Drink category.
2019/ Brambilla Serrani Exhibition at “Food Photo Festival 2019”, Vjele (Denmark).
2020/ Brambilla Serrani Selected for the Food Photo Festival Art Exhibition at the Foodexpo 2021 in Herning, Denmark.
2022/ Serena Serrani “Il Mare per tutti” Parco Nazionale dell’Asinara Contest – winner 3rd place “Flora e Fauna” section.
2023/ Brambilla Serrani Collective Exhibition “Parlando con voi. Images and words of 30 Italian photographers” Auditorium Sant’Agostino, Civitanova Marche (Italy).